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Finding Peace in the Midst of the Storm


I’m sure we’ve all heard it many times:  learn to let go of your need to control; trust in the process; enjoy the journey; stay in the moment.  And when we are met with uncertainties in life, how insanely difficult is this “limbo”? Left in waiting, hoping for the results that we are seeking?  It is exactly those times that leave us feeling uneasy.

What if we were able to shift our thinking in those moments?  Can we  find a way to breathe a sigh of relief? Can we challenge ourselves to stay present? Can we find some valuable lessons along the path we are walking? Perhaps, these moments can help us learn more about our journey, or force us to confront and face some of our deepest fears.  I believe that if we can pause at these times in our life it will help us prioritize and recognize what we’ve been missing in the hum of our daily lives.

One major cause for anxiety is the fear of the unknown future.  What if we were able to just simply take life as it comes? Knowing that we are perfectly capable and adept at handling whatever might arise. To believe that our knowledge and truth is exactly what will serve us well in the present and any future moments.

The future is uncertain in so many ways.  Any attempt to stop or distract ourselves from worrying thoughts only intensifies them.  Worrying involves repetitive circular thinking, which is associated with anxiety and produces no practical outcomes that you can act upon. Worry is difficult to let go of, especially when you are not making progress, which makes you even more anxious. Next time, try to accept the present moment without judgement. Rather than saying “I need to stop worrying” try to accept “I am just worrying”. This is subtle, but significantly, different from avoidance. It is not running away from or suppressing the unpleasant thought. Rather, it is the non-judgmental labeling in the word “just”. This allows the worrying thoughts to come and go but takes the sting out of them.

The worry and anxiety often robs us of the ability to fully enjoy what we have in the moment and all the beauty that is around us.  The unknown future and fear of it can cripple us.  It can shade everything into a darkness that shuts out all the beauty and all the light.  If we embrace our present, whatever that might look like for today, we can find beauty in the little things.  Because isn’t that what makes this life so beautiful?  The moment playing with your pet, finding a few minutes in your day to connect with someone you care about, or perhaps taking a walk outside.   The more we can bring all the little things to light the more beauty, happiness and contentment we will find.

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