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I believe that many of our issues stem from a fractured sense of self.  All parts, even the dysfunctional ones, have power and value.  I specialize in the “invisible issues” the ones that seem forgotten or cast aside by society.  


Neurological conditions that nobody can see, but that you might suffer with daily.  Food, and the love hate relationship many of us have with it.  Does it bring you joy and bring those you love together or does it cause you anguish due to an eating disorder or food allergy?  Perhaps you are aging and struggling to cope with the illness, loneliness and finding your value.  The list goes on, feel free to reach out and see if I can help with whatever it is that you find yourself struggling with. 


Like most of us, I want to see real tangible changes.  I can’t change your past or fix your future.  You have the power to do that.  I truly believe in each and every person’s ability and capacity for real change.  My job is to help you unlock what is already within.  I do that with a blend of several treatment modalities in which I’ve seen real results in countless clients.  I’m not going to prescribe you another self-help book or get fixed quick remedy or coping strategy.  I’m interested in helping you achieve real growth and connection. 


I only offer online therapy because it is one step to alleviate the mounting stresses, and schedules that you are trying to juggle in your life.  I want to help remove barriers to treatment.  A social work principal “meet the client where they are at” rings true here.  Part of making life work for us is thinking outside the conventional box. I have seen better more efficient results in online therapy then I saw when I was seeing clients in person.  I believe in it, and my hope is that after our first session you will too.  I’ll look forward to hearing from you soon!

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