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Finding Your Tribe

In an age where technology is  supposed to bring us closer together through social media, cell phones, and video conferencing, how is it that we have never been further apart?  We are the loneliest, most medicated generation that this country has seen.  We are slowly losing our ability to empathize with others and as a result we are losing our humanity.

We are bombarded daily with news stories of people taking lives as if it were a game.  As a result, we are increasingly finding ourselves in a position to protect ourselves from perceived imaginary enemies.  The constant presence of social media fills every minute of our days.  We have become so “busy” that actually talking with others has nearly ceased to exist.  This goes against our nature and what we need as human beings.  All of us need our community,  our “tribe”.

Community with others is essential because there we will find our rhythm and heal wounds that we never thought possible on our own. So, maybe next time you’re waiting in a line try starting a conversation with someone.  See where it takes you and how it can impact your day and your mood.  It’s when we get out of our heads and into relations with others that the weight and fog lifts and the burden begins to feel manageable again. This is why support groups work.  It is in the healing relationships with others that we can begin to heal ourselves.  So I encourage you to find your tribe.  Get yourself out there and try something new.

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