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Kristen Pagulayan


Kristen Pagulayan is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker Specializing in Military, Trauma, and Health Issues. Providing Online Counseling Services in Connecticut, Hawaii, Georgia and South Carolina.


“Change is the only constant”

~ Proverb

It is never too late for change & growth, we are all works in progress, always working towards bettering ourselves. At times in our lives, we sometimes get lost along the way.  I am in no way the expert; you are the expert in your own life. My role as a Psychotherapist is to help you connect with your personal values and goals. This provides you the support and guidance to discover your best self through counseling.  

Research has proven that we need to be in touch with our emotions, enhanced by our ability to stay firmly rooted in our present and less in the past or future. It is in finding the beauty in the mundane, and maintaining healthy relationships that makes life rich and satisfying.  I feel strongly that healthy relationships allow us to feel connected while maintaining value and purpose. We all need to feel validated, heard, and a sense of belonging and value with one another. It enables us to achieve true fulfillment and live happier, healthier, more satisfying lives.  


Change is the only constant.  We effectively assert change by navigating our behaviors. As I have continued to study and work in the mental health field, it is apparent that positive changes in therapeutic relationships and behavior can lead us in achieving our personal goals. If you are looking to make changes and find peace in your life, give me a call and let’s explore the possibilities.

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What is EMDR?


EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a form of psychotherapy that enables people to heal symptoms and emotional distress resulting from traumatic experiences.  Studies show that by using EMDR therapy people can experience the benefits of psychotherapy more quickly. Psychotherapy once took years to make a difference. EMDR is changing this.

* EMDR therapy is an eight-phase treatment approach composed of standardized protocols and procedures. The eight phases and three-pronged protocol facilitate a comprehensive evaluation of the clinical picture, client preparation, and processing of a) past events that set the foundation for pathology, b) current disturbing situations, and c) future challenges


Although time is a great healer,  EMDR therapy shows that the mind can in fact heal from psychological trauma just  as the body recovers from physical trauma.  Emotional wounds can fester and cause us pain - just like physical wounds. 

Numerous Studies show That EMDR Is effective in treating PTSD

EMDR therapy assumes that a similar sequence of events occurs with our mental well-being.  The brain’s information processing system are geared to heal just like our bodies are geared to heal.  Once the source of emotional pain is addressed, healing of the mind can resume.  

* Twenty-four randomized controlled trials support the positive effects of EMDR therapy in the treatment of emotional trauma and other adverse life experiences relevant to clinical practice. Seven of 10 studies reported EMDR therapy to be more rapid and/or more effective than trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy. Twelve randomized studies of the eye movement component noted rapid decreases in negative emotions and/or vividness of disturbing images, with an additional 8 reporting a variety of other memory effects. Numerous other evaluations document that EMDR therapy provides relief from a variety of somatic complaints.

Source: National Institute of Health


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Licensed to provide treatment in Hawaii, South Carolina, Georgia, and Connecticut


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